21 days Drawing Challenge

Inspired by the old concept of “It takes 21 days to build an habit” – even if studies have shown it’s more complicated than that – I have decided to start a 21 Days Drawing Challenge for my students. After all 21 day it’s almost a full month, which allows for skipping days or days when you are sick (and as someone with chronic health conditions I know well how having wiggle room is important!).

The concepts we’re working with are the following:

  • Have a specific goal shared with a small community away from social media (Telegram group chat and Newsletter/email)
  • Exercises that are not too difficult and won’t require more than 15 minutes to do
  • Topics that cover basic foundational skills of drawing (that people rarely practice because they have the “Mr. Miyagi asked me to wax his car instead of teaching me karate” factor. Surprise: I’m your new Mr. Miyagi.)
  • Keep doing challenges throughout the year, so that these 21 days will add up to a consistent technical practice that will make the difference in your drawing skills

How does it work and how do I participate?

The most important aspect for me is this thing happening away from the performance of social media, that’s why I created the Cotidie Art Chat. If you have telegram you can join and follow the challenge there, sharing your practice and support with the other students. If you don’t have telegram you can sign up for my newsletter and receive all the instructions for each challenge in your email inbox and do it privately.

What if I can’t do all the 21 days?

We usually allow for a longer time to do the 21 days of practice, and we time it with my own capacity. When we did the first one I was the last one to finish because I had to take a week off for health reasons, so don’t worry: join us, do what you can, every little moment of practice adds up in the end. A challenge will last around a month, a month and a half, before I share the next one.

Is this free?

Yes, this is a free practice activity I’m organising for my students but open to everybody else as well. If you want to support me you can join my patreon and contribute with any amount you wish, or send me a tip via paypal.

Even if you are an absolute beginner, give it a try. Grab a sketchbook and start drawing.

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