Art Tutoring Beginners

• A small group of 4 people
• Online classes via zoom, every Tuesday morning (Berlin time) 10-12 or 13-15
• Monthly fee 80€ per person


Every class will be structured as follows:

⁃ Individual check in on personal practice, addressing one point of struggle and offering a solution
⁃ Demo of the exercise of the week, and practice together
⁃ Round of feedback about the practice, to clarify any doubt

We will go through different essential topics of art practice, from technical aspects (observation, proportions, tonal values, how to use different materials) to mental training (managing the inner critic, interiorized performance pressure, developing consistency).

The teaching style will be hybrid creative coaching/art teaching, and it will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants. This offers is halfway between private classes and group workshops, for those who want to experience the private tutoring process but are on a budget.

To apply use the contact form here