Since many of my students expressed the wish to develop a daily art practice, I decided to create the Cotidie project.

A private group chat you can join and a channel you can subscribe to, away from social media and their performative pressure.
(Telegram allows decent privacy as a platform and you can set it up to hide any personal information, like your phone number.)

In the Cotidie Art Chat you can share your own practice and interact with others, ask for feedback and support, share useful resources and links.
Please don’t be shy about posting your practice, the goal is to support each other into building an habit💞
It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
It just needs to exist.

The Cotidie G Caruso Art channel updates will show there too. On the channel I will post my own practice (yes, also the one that doesn’t end up on instagram), useful resources or links and communications and updates on my projects. If you’re low on time or social spoons you can just subscribe to that and not feel any fomo. This is to offer different participation styles options. (But you can join the group chat and just be a silent observer too! No social pressure on my watch 😉)


Enjoy and Keep Drawing! 💪