Free Art Classes Online

Join via Zoom and learn new skills and exercises you can use in your practice

Teaching is the thing that means the most to me. It gives me purpose and it keeps me going even when my brain hates me.
That’s why I decided to start offering free online classes via my Patreon.

Every month you will find the link for the class in a public post on my Patreon page and you can invite who you want to participate with you.

You can also choose to join my Patreon team to support this project:

* 1€/month: you will get the link in your email
* 5€/month: you can vote in the polls to choose the theme for the classes or make requests for future ones
* Or you can choose whatever donation amount you like 💞

My wish is to share my love for art practice with as many people as possible, because I’ve seen how much it made the difference for people to have a creative outlet and to find a way to make art in a non performative way.

I can’t wait to meet you!