The Seven Heavenly Palaces

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Hangar bicocca Anselm Kiefer The Seven Heavenly Palaces Anna Motterle Photography
Photo by Anna Motterle 2014 There is a place that I love dearly in the city. It’s a place where I bring visitors when I know they have The Sight. In urban fantasy terms you could say it’s a Freehold. A place where faeries and magical creatures can go and recharge their Glamour, or magical [...]
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Blind Contour Drawing as explorative experience

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naked body life drawing blind contour drawing

How to practice Blind Contour Drawing…Every body, every kind of body has infinite stories to tell, and I feel like the discipline needed to actually LOOK at the the model – instead of perceiving the general pose and then mechanically drawing a stylization of the body in that position – to be there, present and seeing them, is a form of respect and recognition.

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The Importance of Being a White Belt (aka: it’s ok to suck)

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white belt brazilian jiu jitsu
I recently started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s a grappling martial art, very technical. I’m a white belt. And I suck at it, completely and utterly: I’m a slow learner, I’m the only girl in the class and I’m not really fit for it. But it’s ok. Because I love it. I really really really [...]
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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

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Inspiration has to find you working Picasso
I’ve always loved this quote by Pablo Picasso. It ties in well with my firm belief that natural talent is not necessary to be an artist. Any kind of artist. In my opinion all talent really does is give you the boost to do things quicker, to ride the learning curve faster, but it’s not [...]