The Seven Heavenly Palaces

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Hangar bicocca Anselm Kiefer The Seven Heavenly Palaces Anna Motterle Photography
Photo by Anna Motterle 2014 There is a place that I love dearly in the city. It’s a place where I bring visitors when I know they have The Sight. In urban fantasy terms you could say it’s a Freehold. A place where faeries and magical creatures can go and recharge their Glamour, or magical [...]
Urban Sketching

A study in horns – MUDEC

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mudec samurai horns
This is indeed the prettiest horned thing I drew. One of my favourite things is sketching at museums and exhibitions. For many reasons: I’m very sensitive to temperature, and museums and exhibitions are warm in the winter and cool in the summer (if they have AC). I tend to “eat” visual inputs very fast and [...]