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How to draw every day

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This is one of the most common things that my students ask me. I don’t know if it’s because of the constant capitalistic pressure of being productive regardless of the context or purpose, or because we forgot how to enjoy something without hyper performing it. Whatever the reason, if people want to draw more, I’m [...]

The Seven Heavenly Palaces

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Hangar bicocca Anselm Kiefer The Seven Heavenly Palaces Anna Motterle Photography
Photo by Anna Motterle 2014 There is a place that I love dearly in the city. It’s a place where I bring visitors when I know they have The Sight. In urban fantasy terms you could say it’s a Freehold. A place where faeries and magical creatures can go and recharge their Glamour, or magical [...]
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Blind Contour Drawing as explorative experience

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naked body life drawing blind contour drawing

How to practice Blind Contour Drawing…Every body, every kind of body has infinite stories to tell, and I feel like the discipline needed to actually LOOK at the the model – instead of perceiving the general pose and then mechanically drawing a stylization of the body in that position – to be there, present and seeing them, is a form of respect and recognition.

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Procrastination and Fear

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Aaron Burr Leslie Odom Jr Wait for it
Book of Fears - Artist's book for Edizioni Fantasma - Giulia Caruso 2013 It’s like inventing the wheel. When you find yourself procrastinating on a project (and not on home chores, like when you procrastinate doing the laundry, that doesn’t have a deep existential meaning, does it? Does it? Leave me alone Freud.) 90% of [...]
Urban Sketching

A study in horns – MUDEC

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mudec samurai horns
This is indeed the prettiest horned thing I drew. One of my favourite things is sketching at museums and exhibitions. For many reasons: I’m very sensitive to temperature, and museums and exhibitions are warm in the winter and cool in the summer (if they have AC). I tend to “eat” visual inputs very fast and [...]

Sharing is caring (about your creative work)

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In my creative life I have always focused on my surroundings, especially people. That's why it would be senseless to keep my art separate from people.   When I started doing my personal creative work after my "break", it took me a while to start showing things around. It was for me, it was my [...]